Jadwiga Suchta

Jadwiga Suchta

Jadwiga Suchta of Riverhead passed away Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at home with her family present.Jadwiga was born in 1931 in a small town in eastern Poland called Naliboki. The daughter of the late Zofia and Wladyslaw Nowicki, she, along with her family, survived the Russian Army invasion and then the Nazis German invasion. Forced from their homes and put onto train cattle cars, they were transported across Poland to be forced slave laborers for the Germans until the end of the war. When they left Germany and returned to Poland they had nothing, and had to start over.

In 1963, Jadwiga, with her husband, two children and brother, emigrated to America. She always liked to say how she came with only $20 in her pocket. She worked hard all her life, whether as a baker, a seamstress, a housekeeper and whatever else she had to be. In her few moments of spare time, Jadwiga loved baking, gardening, knitting, taking care of her grandchildren, helping family and traveling or just going to the senior center with her friend Stasia.

She had such an amazing memory that she was able to tell you anything that ever happened to her and the people around her, in small detail, going back to when she was a child. Some of her memories from the war, along with those of her two friends, were videoed and received by the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland. She was a remarkable woman who could have been anything, but chose to do everything for her family.

Jadwiga is survived by her husband, Jan Suchta; son, Vincent (Irene), and daughter, Teresa Suchta-Swift (Owen); sister Stefania Szymlet in Poland; and three grandchildren, Emily Suchta and Michael and Catie Swift. She is preceded in death by her dear brother, Walter Nowicki, and sister Jozefa Grygorcewicz.

She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

A funeral Mass was held for her on Aug. 2 at St. Isidore R.C. Church.

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