The Work We Do: Shyanna Jimenez, United Medical House Calls

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My name’s Shyanna Jimenez and I am the executive director of United Medical House Calls.

Here at United Medical House Calls, we have two portions. We have a physical therapy [center] in Southold, at our main location, and we also do the house calls. Our house calls are covered up to the Queens border, so we cover all of Long Island.

Basically, I handle and coordinate the day-to-day, make sure our providers have everything they need, make sure our medical team is set and good to go, to give our patients the best possible care.

I have a grandmother who has a lot of health conditions, and so my whole entire life, I have helped take care of her. I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician so with taking care of her and not being able to go that aspect, I did medical assisting. This was to get my foot into the door, start learning more about medical care, and then go forward into becoming a provider.

The company was about a year ago when I started out with Steven Templeton and his wife, Michelle. They opened the company due to the fact that they had sick grandparents so they always had a thing for the medical field. How it worked was, Michelle would work from home with her kids and have the desk, and Steven would go and see patients on the North Fork. He would go see patients, go to the hospital up-island where he was working in the ER, do that, and then see his patients on the way back home.

We have about, right now, eight providers that do cover Long Island. Medical assistants are different than the providers. We can’t give medical advice and do a medical plan. We usually do vitals, we can draw blood, we can do all the testing that’s needed to be done.

I’ve been at United Medical House Calls for a little over two years now. After medical assisting, I was on the road actually, with the CEO, Steven, and we saw patients – quite a bit. We were a little smaller then. As time went on, I became a clinical executive coordinator, which basically [meant I] helped manage the providers and make sure everything was squared away.

From there, I went up and started an ancillary team, which I was running, which is where we go out and do certain tests. We do ABIs, EKGs, PFPS, blood work. We can do everything in the home, except for MRIs and CT scans. That’s one of the main things we offer for our patients because they are home-bound. After that, I became the executive director.

At our PT in Southold, we offer a fitness program. It’s kind of an open-gym style, where you get to come in and use our equipment, supervised.

My biggest challenge was going from being just a medical assistant and entering a position of being a manager. I’ve never done that before, so there’s definitely a lot to learn and I still have a lot to learn.

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