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Our staff’s favorite stories of 2019

The News-Review team reflects on colleagues’ work this year.

“Reading the many ways organ donation has affected people from young to old was truly inspiring and a reminder of how important it is for people to consider becoming donors.”

Joe Werkmeister, editor

“As a budding education reporter, it was a huge learning curve being a part of the team that wrote about the allegations against former Riverhead High School principal Charles Regan in May. While difficult to report on, I learned a lot.”

Kate Nalepinski, staff writer

“It was a ‘father-daughter day’ at a play-in girls tennis match between League VIII co-champions Riverhead and Southold/Greenport, with the winner earning a place in the Suffolk County Team Tournament. It marked the ninth — and last — time over a four-year span that coach Mike Carver’s Southold/Greenport team played against the Riverhead team his daughter, Meghan, plays for. Meghan was asked if the two would talk at dinner later that night. She smiled and said, ‘We’ll see,’ chuckling.”

Bob Liepa, sports editor

“Even though this story is evolving, I liked reading of Riverhead superintendent, Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, urging state officials to oppose making the HPV vaccine mandatory. The discussion of this specific vaccine mandate is incredibly important.”

Sonja Reinholt Derr, director of sales and marketing

“Sharks on the North Fork! Exciting and scary at the same time. I learned a lot from Chris Paparo’s column about why seeing sharks is actually a good thing. Just don’t watch the ‘Jaws’ movies or you might not go back in the water.”

Lauren Sisson, senior associate editor

“I loved it when Troop 161 ‘finished the hike’ on the anniversary of Andrew McMorris’ tragic death. Later, covering the trial, I was able to see firsthand the courage, discipline and composure those Scouts — and also the McMorris family — exhibit.”

Grant Parpan, content director

Phillip Sax’s journey sailing around the world that saw him dock in Greenport this summer. I love travel stories and it doesn’t get more adventurous than a long voyage across the ocean alone, which I can’t even comprehend. It takes a certain kind of salt to face changing weather and unforeseen equipment challenges, all without relying on GPS.”

Tara Smith, staff writer

“I am friends with this Sumwalt family and it was amazing to see how the community came together very quickly to support them to raise money for diabetes research in honor of their 5-year-old son, Miller, who has Type 1 diabetes.”

Debbie Schultz, sales executive

“I enjoyed the coverage of the car chase that happened back in July; hearing about the chase, seeing the photos of the cars and watching the pieces all come together. To eventually find out who the drivers were made it a very satisfying and interesting saga to follow.”

Kaitlyn Burke, sales assistant