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Pulaski Street students wear red to honor Andrew McMorris, raise funds

In honor of Andrew McMorris, Pulaski Street Elementary School students wore red-colored clothing Wednesday to pay tribute to his life, according to the Riverhead School District. Andrew, 12, died in September 2018 when a drunk driver crashed into the group of Boy Scouts during a hike in Manorville.

Thomas Murphy of Holbrook was convicted of vehicular homicide in December.

Fifth grader Liam Sherman, a fellow Boy Scout and Andrew’s friend, presented teacher Stacy Hubbard with the idea of organizing the “Andrew Day’s” memorial, with support from fellow Scouts. Liam wrote and recited a speech about his lost friend’s hopes, dreams and accomplishments, which he read to peers over the school’s PA system on Monday.

The boys made red ribbons for all those in the school to wear, and placed them around the school in Andrew’s memory.

To show continued support for Andrew and the McMorris family of Wading River, according to a press release, a donation will be made to the Andrew Rocks fund, which raises funds for causes in Andrew’s name. The donation will be made on behalf of Pulaski Street Elementary School. Funds will be raised through the school’s Tuesday Positive Shirt Day initiative, where staff and students offer donations in exchange for wearing shirts with positive messages.

Andrew was a member of Troop 161.