Featured Letter: A trip to the DMV provides a glimpse to an onerous future

To the editor:

So last week I drove to the DMV to get my license renewed. Wanting to get the new “enhanced” version so I can board a plane after next October, I arrived with the required items and I am — of course — mentally fortified to be “DMV patient.” However, I’m not fortified nearly enough. Upon entering the building I was informed that the wait was three to four hours, and a glance at the large and crowded room showed nonexistent seating. I hit the road.

Later, I learned that the cause of this hours-long wait was the result of New York State deciding to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens (henceforth referred to here as IAs), and that such waits are happening statewide. I also learned of a new program that automatically registers people to vote, and that once registered they do not need to show an ID to cast a ballot.

Anyway, this new and formidable hurdle to renewing my license inspired me to a) consider operating a secretive cash-bar truck in the DMV parking lot, and b) express — as I do here — a few thoughts regarding the wisdom of New York State’s decision. First and foremost, anyone claiming this decision doesn’t incentivize more illegal immigration is either lying or is failing to comprehend the realities of human nature.

On my way back to Greenport I thought about this latest victory by Democrats in their campaign to bestow all the rights and privileges of American citizenship on those who are here illegally. It also struck me that this four-hour DMV wait is very likely a preview of what government-run health care might be like if progressive Democrats get their way and extend all health care benefits to IAs.

Finally, my DMV-troubled mind cruised down memory lane to my home town of El Paso, where I spent the first three decades of my life. Being a border city, there were a lot of Mexican nationals on those roads, and a large majority had several things in common: they weren’t very good drivers; they drove poorly maintained cars (aka “jalopies”); and — a biggie — they didn’t have car insurance.

Anyway, my congratulations to those compassionate souls who championed driver’s licenses for IAs. Now that they’ve accomplished that goal, they can concentrate their efforts on making sure IAs are included in “Medicare for All.” I can’t wait.