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Public hearing set for March 5 on plans for industrial warehouse in Calverton

The Riverhead Planning Board will hold a public hearing Thursday, March 5, on plans for a new industrial warehouse in Calverton.

The applicant, East End Country Kitchens, is seeking approval to construct a 5,760-square-foot warehouse building at its Edwards Avenue showroom.

The warehouse would be used to store wood used for counter construction, according to Peter Pazera, who co-owns the business with his brother Paul. He said space at their current storage facility is inadequate. “It’s getting damp and it’s not really ideal,” he said.

Mr. Bergman noted that the proposal includes a plan to remove the econoline storage bubble, which was built without a permit. Parking, lighting, sanitary, stormwater and landscaping improvements are also proposed at the 1.6-acre parcel, all of which conform to town code, he said.

A “significant” revegetation plan is also included in the application to address clearing that took place in the early 2000s. The plan calls for revegetating 30% of the parcel with some 1,800 plantings, Mr. Bergman said.

Mr. Nunnaro urged the applicants to not use public water to irrigate the land. “We would not want to burden the water district with an additional sprinkler system,” he said.

Comments from the Riverhead fire marshal are expected before the March 5 hearing.

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