Larry Judd

Larry Judd of Riverhead passed away Feb. 19 at Peconic Bay Medical Center at the age of 76.

He was born in Bayside, Queens, in 1943 to Irving and Ruthie Judd.

He was predeceased by his older sister, Ruth Harriett Haggerty (who got all the brains), and his little brother, Dennis (who got all the looks). Being a middle child explains a lot.

Irving and Ruthie moved the family to Calverton in 1955, when they purchased Miloski’s Restaurant and renamed it Judd’s Restaurant, known for many years as The Carving Board.

Larry and Dennis were made to attend St. John the Evangelist R.C. School, as it was supposed to straighten them out. After graduating from Riverhead High School in 1961, Larry graduated in 1963 with an associate degree from the Culinary Institute of America and began a distinguished career as a chef in Riverhead.

Alas, he was drafted into the Army in 1964 and was in charge of a shift at a mess hall in Korea. Two years later, Larry returned, and this is when his career as a disturber of the peace began.

Some recall his reputation as a remover of toilets from dive bars (acquitted!), a purveyor of fine stolen jelly donuts (acquitted again!) and a remover of a traffic circle Christmas tree (accused but never charged!). Larry warns the youth of today to not duplicate these acts due to the existence of video evidence.

He is survived by his beloved wife, Patty (39 years); four daughters, Kimberly, Colleen, Erin and Tiffany; and four grandchildren, Violet, Max, Piper and Rhys.

Larry was the head chef at Riverhead Nursing Home for 12 years. He held the distinguished position of commander of American Legion, a position he held with honor for 11 years. He was honored by the American Legion with a pavilion in his name for being a great commander and for his years of service to the community.

Well-wishers are encouraged to buy a bottle of Miller Lite and drink it in his honor.

This is a paid notice.