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Industrial complex proposed for vacant farmland in Calverton

A 425,464-square-foot industrial complex is being proposed on 30 acres just west of Tractor Supply Company on Route 25 in Calverton. 

The applicant, HK Ventures, has filed a preliminary site plan application to develop the vacant farmland with eight buildings ranging in size from 49,000 square feet to 56,672 square feet with divided tenant spaces. 

The proposal was first discussed at last Thursday’s Riverhead Town Planning Board meeting that was held in the Town Hall meeting room and broadcast live over the town’s website.

The meeting was not open to the public to attend due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The public was allowed to submit comments or questions but none did. A representative of the applicant, identified only as “Keith,” participated by phone. 

Planning Aide Greg Bergman said the proposal also called for a 3,000-square-foot cafeteria for use only by tenants of the complex. Planning Board members questioned why the proposed cafeteria was so big. 

The 30.2-acre site is on the south side of Route 25, near the intersection with Fresh Pond Avenue. The southern edge of the property abuts Riverhead Town’s Enterprise Park at Calverton as well as the town’s bike and recreation path at EPCAL.

The proposal would be developed in two phases, Mr. Bergman said.

Part of the property is located within the town’s water district, but the applicant will need to purchase and redeem 26.3 Pine Barrens credits in order to develop the entire site as proposed.

“The front 500 feet is located in the water district,” Mr. Bergman said. “Approval will require Town Board to extend the water district to serve the whole parcel.”

Pine Barrens credits are a development density formula taken off of preserved land in the Pine Barrens, and transferred to areas where additional building density is permitted if the development buys the Pine Barrens credits. Planning Board chairman Stan Carey said the traffic impact of the proposal will need to be examined, given the project’s location near EPCAL, Tractor Supply, and other businesses. 

The property is located on parts of the Riverhead, Wading River and Manorville fire districts, Mr. Bergman said. He said the biggest portion is in the Riverhead district. 

The Planning Board voted to classify the application a “Type 1 Action,” meaning it will need a coordinated review with other agencies and an environmental impact study my be required.

A Zoning Board of Appeals variance also will be needed because the proposal exceeds the maximum permitted impervious surface coverage, according to Mr. Bergman.