The Reopen

The Reopen Podcast: Now streaming all five episodes

Shuttered stores. Stalled revitalization. Business as we’ve never known it.

These were all concerns expressed in our recent reporting of the reopening of the economy as the North Fork recovers from the economic shutdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our podcast series, The Reopen, began with interviews from economic experts on what the future might hold for the region. In later weeks, we tracked how the reopening, which is nearing Phase 4 next week, would occur, the impacts on downtown Riverhead and how flight from New York City fueled the housing market.

In our final regular episode of the five-part, 90-minute series, the reporters who worked on the series discuss what they’re seeing with restaurants and other industries as Phase 3 brought back indoor dining and more personal care services this week and outdoor dining continues to expand.

If you haven’t listened to the series or read any of the articles, you can get caught up below:

Part IV

Flight from New York City has fueled the local housing market; what will that mean as the North Fork reopens?

Part III

A ‘control room’ Q&A with Kevin Law as Long Island begins to reopen

Part II

Worries increase for downtown Riverhead as reality of recession sets in

Part I

Economists, business leaders predict period of great change on horizon