Riverhead High School announces top 20 students for Class of 2021

Riverhead High School on Friday announced the top 20 students for the Class of 2021.

At the top of the class are valedictorian Aria Manucha, who has a weighted GPA of 108.86, and salutatorian Kyle Martelli, whose weighted GPA is 108.78. Aria plans to double major in math and philosophy with a double minor in linguistics and music performance in college. Kyle plans to study finance and economics in college.

The remaining top students are:

Brianna Marichal,
Diego Sandoval-Chavez,
Kaillyn Ochoa,
Matthew Yakaboski,
Madison Stromski,
Makayla D’Albano,
Isabella Williams,
Oleksandra Gachynska,
Laine Girolamo,
Nydelin Avalos Abzun,
Olivia Niewiadomski,
Casmir Lesiewicz,
Taylor Bodanza,
Viktoria Skobodzinski,
Linda Pomiranceva,
Justin Meilunas,
Angeles Guazhambo Penafiel,
Pedro Arruda

“The Riverhead Central School District congratulates these students for earning this prestigious placement and wishes them great success as they finish out the year and begin their postsecondary plans,” a press release from the district said.

Riverhead’s top 20 students. (Credit: Riverhead Central School District)