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Revised environmental impact statement for proposed Calverton facility set for public review

The Riverhead Town Planning Board deemed Breezy Hill Group’s draft environmental impact statement to be adequate for public review at its meeting last week.

The Planning Board had deemed the document inadequate for public review in February

Breezy Hill Group IV is seeking to establish an asphalt and concrete crushing and screening facility at a 6.7-acre parcel located at 1792 Middle Road in Calverton, which is located within the Industrial A zoning use district. 

The February resolution said “the proposal was found to have potentially significant negative impacts on the health, welfare and the environment.” The resolution cited a number of reasons, such as potential threats to groundwater and the possible increase in heavy industrial traffic along roadways in an area containing residential, rural and industrial uses.

The applicant has since resubmitted a draft environmental impact statement.

Greg Bergman, a town planning aide, said the resolution establishing the DEIS as adequate for public review “does not make a determination on the action.”

He said it simply starts the clock.

“That document will now be distributed to the involved agencies and made available for public review, and we will have a public hearing on it,” he said.