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Lights coming to ballfields at Stotzky Park

Some Riverhead Little League players and their coaches were glad to learn that two fields at Stotzky Park will now have lights. 

The money will come from the American Recovery Plan Act. The lights for the two fields will cost $150,000. Another $30,000 has been allocated to walking trails at EPCAL. 

“Stotzky Park is the center of family life in Riverhead,” said Mark Gajowski, a Little League coach. “You would be hard pressed to find a park of better quality and amenities pretty much anywhere.”

Jeremy Savio, president of Riverhead Little League said the lights mean that games can’t be called because of darkness. It also means the Little League can play in the fall as well, when darkness begins to come earlier. 

Mr. Savio said the lights could also benefit other activities, such as PAL football and soccer leagues.