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Carter Rubin to perform new single live on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Tuesday night

It’s been nearly a year already since confetti rained down on stage as Carter Rubin was announced the winner of NBC’s “The Voice.”

The Shoreham teen who captivated viewers a year ago will return to the show Tuesday night to perform his new single, “Horoscope.”

The episode begins at 8 p.m. and Carter, 16, will be performing live. It will mark the first time he performs the new single live. “Horoscope” was released in October and the music video followed shortly after.

Carter was a member of Team Gwen on last year’s show and has remained close to Gwen Stefani in the past year. Earlier this month, Carter posted a video on social media with Gwen where she encourages listeners to stream “Horoscope.”

“I love this song ‘Horoscope,’ ” she says on the video. “You need to stream, download, listen, dance, make Tik Tok videos, anything you can do.”

Carter recorded the song as part of Republic Records. The grand prize for winning the show was a recording contract.

Carter spent time at a Westchester studio to record the song earlier this year while also undertaking virtual training sessions from home with Trelawny Rose, the head vocal coach from “The Voice.”

Monday night’s episode of “The Voice” featured live Top 10 performances as the show winds down to crown the newest winner in a few weeks.