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New tradition begins at Riverhead school board with Recognition and Appreciation ceremony

The first Blue Waves Recognition and Appreciation ceremony was held Nov. 30 during Riverhead Central School District’s Board of Education meeting.

The ceremony established a new tradition for district school board meetings.

“We want to recognize our staff members who have really worked hard and gone above and beyond,” Superintendent Augustine Tornatore said.

Dr. Lori Koerner, executive director for curriculum, instruction and professional personnel in the district, introduced the program, which will acknowledge deserving faculty and staff members during the second Board of Education meeting of every month.

Apart from receiving the award, winners will often be featured on the district website, according to Ms. Koerner.

“I feel it’s so important to recognize our team and share with the community the incredible things happening behind the walls and beyond the doors of our schools,” she said.

The winners will be chosen from among nominees suggested by staff members and with input from the district office, Ms. Koerner said.

Award winners for November were Gabriela Guzman, a computer lab aide at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School; Marisa DeSerio, who teaches English as a New Language at Pulaski Street School; Irene Irwin, information technology manager for the district; and Debra Rogers, principal of Phillips Avenue School.

“It takes a village to raise a child, and in my time in Riverhead I have seen every member of the village working tirelessly to raise that community of children,” Ms. Koerner said. 

She confirmed that they had great participation for the month of November and are already on their way with nominations for the December.

JROTC managers inspection 

High school student representatives Kaya Payton and Ryken Kutner invited board members to attend the annual NJROTC annual managers inspection Wednesday.

“The purpose of the inspection is to assess the unit’s viability, its accountability for U.S. government property, proper program administration and overall cadet performance,” Kaya said.