Blotters: Flanders man arrested for DWI after crashing into parked car

Southampton Town police arrested a Flanders man for driving while intoxicated after he hit vehicles in Riverside on Monday. 

Police responded to a report of a collision in a Riverside parking lot, where 32-year-old Mario Lopesjolon exited his vehicle while it was still set in reverse. It began to move backward and Mr. Lopesjolon unsuccessfully tried to get back in to hit the brakes. The vehicle hit and damaged another parked pick-up truck in the parking lot.

Mr. Lopesjolon performed poorly on standardized field sobriety tests and failed a pre-screen breath test, police said. He has been charged with DWI, driving without a license and drinking alcohol in a motor vehicle on a highway.

• Police arrested a North Sea man who allowed the wrong person to drive a truck having work done in Riverside. 

Feleciano Vargas, 39, has been charged with misapplication of property. The caller told police he observed someone he didn’t know driving his truck when he went to pick it up. He confronted the driver and the pair had a verbal altercation. 

Mr. Vargas admitted to police that he gave the vehicle without the owner’s consent. The driver said he did not know he was not allowed to use the truck. 

• A Flanders caller reported identity theft to police on Sunday, after losing $1,500.

The caller told police he had been Facebook messaging and speaking over live video with people earlier that morning, and later received a text from someone claiming to be an Interpol detective in the Dominican Republic, demanding the money and a photo of his drivers license. 

The caller complied with both requests and received messages from two other phone numbers demanding another $3,000. He then reported the incident to police, who set a detective on the case and advised the caller to contact his credit bureaus and bank to deter potential fraud.

• Police broke up a fight between a Flanders tenant and landlord last Wednesday, who were engaged in an argument over the tenant allegedly moving the landlord’s belongings. 

The pair had a physical altercation and were separated upon police arrival. Police charged one man with second-degree harassment, a violation. 

• A Flanders man was arrested in his hometown last Wednesday for petit larceny.

Police found Michael Copenhaver, 59, in possession of an iPad and prescription sunglasses taken from a vehicle parked at the Flanders Ambulance barn.

• A car was reported stolen from the Riverhead train station after its owner parked the car there and left the country for a month, according to police.

• A Riverhead man told police someone threw a rock at his car on Middle County Road last Tuesday morning, damaging the windshield, according to officials. 

• Rose Caruana, age and address unavailable, was charged with petit larceny last Tuesday afternoon, at the Famous Footwear store on Route 58.

• A Riverhead woman told police last Tuesday that someone used her lost Home Depot credit card to make purchases, according to police. 

• Two power tools were reported stolen from Home Depot on Route 58 last Wednesday afternoon, according to police. 

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.