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Frustrated with traffic near gas station, residents ask town for solutions

More than 120 residents have signed a petition asking for traffic improvements at the BJ’s Wholesale gas station on the corner of Route 58 and Ostrander Avenue. 

The petition was initiated by Ostrander Avenue resident Paul  Sparrow, a Riverhead Fire Department volunteer. 

“Due to the ever-increasing amount of traffic entering and exiting the BJ’s gas station, located on the corner on Route 58 and Ostrander Avenue, it is extremely difficult and dangerous to drive south onto Ostrander Avenue from Route 58,” Mr. Sparrow wrote in his petition.  

After making a right turn from Route 58 south on Ostrander Avenue, he said, the rear end of his truck was left turning out on Route 58.

“Drivers are frustrated and angry and have nowhere to go, as cars just stop on the road and are lined up on Ostrander Avenue, trying to make the turn into the gas station,” he wrote. 

Mr. Sparrow fears that situation could impact emergency vehicles as well. 

Riverhead officials have heard the complaints. 

“We are going to have a traffic engineer review the issue and provide us with their recommendations on how BJ’s can mitigate the ongoing problems,” said Jefferson Murphree, Riverhead Town’s Planning and Building Administrator.  

An email seeking comment from a BJ’s spokesperson was not returned this week.

Mr. Sparrow said he would like to see a “no left turn” sign on the west side of Ostrander Avenue and a turning lane on the east side of Ostrander.

“This could be done by moving the curb further to the east, making a turning lane into a gas station only,” he suggested.