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New civic association aims to advocate for future of downtown Riverhead

If you go to a Riverhead Town Board meeting, you may see someone representing civic associations for Jamesport, Calverton or even Sound Beach Heights.

One notable part of town that hasn’t been represented is downtown Riverhead — until now. 

The new Heart of Riverhead Civic Association has been formed and covers the area from the Peconic River north to Route 58 and Mill Road east to Route 105.

The non-profit organization was co-founded by Cindy Clifford, Steven Kramer and Juan Micieli-Martinez. The group announced itself in a press release Monday. 

Ms. Clifford serves as co-chair of Riverhead’s Anti-Bias Task Force; Mr. Micieli-Martinez is a winemaker who unsuccessfully ran for the Town Board two years ago, and Mr. Kramer is a writer.

“The three of us are longtime residents of Riverhead,” said Ms. Clifford. “Riverhead has gone from this tiny but diverse town to everything it is now.”

Ms. Clifford said “you can’t stop progress but hopefully you can help shape the direction of the change.”

The group will hold its inaugural meeting on Saturday, May 14, at 11 a.m. at the Riverhead Free Library.

All residents and businesses within the parameters are encouraged to attend meetings and become members. Annual membership dues will be $25 for residents, $50 for businesses and $25 for friends living outside the district. 

“This new Civic Association grew from the discomfort that many long-term plans are being made by people who don’t live in or even near our downtown district,” said Ms. Clifford, who will be the group’s president. 

Mr. Kramer voiced similar sentiments.

“In a town with several very effective civic associations, it always astonished me that the downtown area did not have a similar group to help residents,” he said. 

“Advocating for and supporting the downtown community is our central goal,” Mr. Micieli-Martinez said.