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Butterfly Effect Project founder discusses new book geared toward youth, ‘My Fabricated Truth’

“My Fabricated Truth,” a new book by Tijuana Fulford, the life coach and founder of nonprofit The Butterfly Effect Project, purposefully leaves readers with more questions than answers.

“If you read the book and are like, ‘I completely understand the story,’ then you totally missed the message,” Ms. Fulford said. “You should walk away from the book with tons of questions so you can ask questions among your friends, your allies and figure it out and figure out what would you do in that position.”

The book, geared toward youth, is a series of five stories that deal with difficult topics such as abortion, race and LGBTQ issues, among other things.

Ms. Fulford’s goal was to create a book that would make it easier to start conversations about these topics both at home and at school.

“The goal of the book is really to allow us to have these courageous conversations in the classroom, at our dinner table and not be slammed, shamed, embarrassed, ridiculed, talked down to, made to feel left out because you have a particular idea, a feeling, and then maybe understanding where that idea, feeling or thought came from,” she said.

Ms. Fulford started working on “My Fabricated Truth” six months ago. The book was published about a month ago and she has received great feedback. The stories are short and easy to read, she said.

“I have some people who thought it was a great read, they read it literally in like 90 minutes,” Ms. Fulford said.

Since the book’s release, Ms. Fulford said she has been asked by members of the community to write a book about her own story, which she’s been cautious about to protect her family and those around her. 

“I will definitely get to the point where I share my truth and tell my story, but I have to do it in a way where I’m not hurting anyone who I love,” she said.

Ms. Fulford said she plans to write four more books.

The Butterfly Effect Project was founded in 2014. The program is a nonprofit community-oriented organization with the goal to “empower young girls by giving them the tools to achieve emotionally stable and self-confident futures,” according to the organization’s website.

Having started with eight girls from the Riverhead and Flanders areas, the organization has grown to include over 500, according to the website.

“My Fabricated Truth” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at The Butterfly Effect Project offices at 1018 Northville Turnpike in Riverhead.