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Water rates set to increase in 2023 under new two-tier system approved by Town Board

The Riverhead Water District will soon have what’s known as a “two-tier” rate structure, which would require higher volume users to pay at a higher rate.

The Town Board formally approved the change, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, at its Aug. 16 meeting. Frank Mancini, the Riverhead Water District superintendent, presented the proposal at the July 28 work session.

Mr. Mancini recommended the change to the two-tiered system. He told the Town Board the increase was needed to cover the rising costs of things like chemicals and repairs. 

Without the two-tier method, the increase would be 13% for all customers, Mr. Mancini said. 

Under the approved two-tier system, rates will increase from the current $1.78 to $1.95 per thousand gallons for the tier-one rate. The tier-two rate, which goes into effect after a customer goes over the tier-one threshold, will be $2.75 per thousand gallons.

Currently, the $1.78 rate per thousand applies no matter how much water is consumed. 

The current rate is already scheduled to increase to $1.83 per thousand on Oct. 1, under rates approved by the Town Board in 2020.

The Town Board voted unanimously at the Aug. 16 meeting to approve the two-tier structure. Councilman Frank Beyrodt was absent.