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Riverhead administrator outlines School Comprehensive Education Plans

Three schools in the Riverhead School District have been labeled as needing academic improvement under accountability standards released by the New York State Education Department.

The system places schools in one of three categories: In Good Standing, Comprehensive Support and Improvement or Targeted Support and Improvement.

Roanoke Elementary School and Riverhead Middle School have the CSI designation and Pulaski Street School has the TSI designation.

The state education department partners with schools labeled CSI and TSI to provide support in several areas from improvement planning to training, according to a presentation last Tuesday by William Galati, the executive director of secondary curriculum, grants and student outcomes. He outlined the School Comprehensive Education Plans that serve as a blueprint for a set of goals the schools can set to “strengthen the entire school community.”

A plan for a CSI school must be submitted to the state, while plans for TSI schools are developed and approved locally.

“We’re very happy to report tonight that the Roanoke and Riverhead Middle School plans have been approved, in addition to our district plan, by the state education department,” Mr. Galati said.

The district received a total of $575,000 for schools in the 2021-22 school year as part of the School Improvement Grant that provides funds to “lowest achieving schools” to meet the goals of the school improvement plans. Those funds went to initiatives such as social emotional learning, tutoring, translations services, after school programs and more.

It’s unclear yet how much money the district could receive through the grant for the current school year.

“We’re hoping that we make strides and we escape the notation that is here — TSI and CSI — but there is substantial money that comes our way with this classification,” Mr. Galati said.

He outlined priorities for each of the three schools, as well as for the District Comprehensive Plan.