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02/22/19 12:19pm
A longtime Riverhead Police Detective is calling it a career  after more than 31 years.

The department held a “walkout” ceremony for Det. Frank Hernandez Thursday, where he was greeted by past and current co-workers as he walks down the stairs at police headquarters. On Jan. 30, Detective Dixon Palmer got the same treatment for his retirement after about 35 years on the job. READ

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02/22/19 5:00am

Riverhead officials are considering whether South Jamesport beach could someday resemble Suffolk County’s Meschutt Beach in Hampton Bays, and whether the town could accomplish that by signing a long-term lease with a vendor who would in turn renovate the snack stand there. 

“South Jamesport has the best potential” of the town’s beaches, said Ray Coyne, superintendent of Riverhead’s parks and recreation department.  READ

02/19/19 11:12am

A sea of blue lined Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays Monday, as hundreds of uniformed police officers from New York City and elsewhere waited in line to pay their respects to NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen of Calverton, who was killed in the line of duty while responding to a report of an armed robbery last week in Queens. READ

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02/19/19 5:00am

Riverhead Town is being asked to provide more than $500,000 for an “anaerobic digester” proposed for town-owned property on Youngs Avenue, and split whatever profit the facility makes.

A group called CEA Energy LLC is proposing a food-waste-to-energy plant on a 12.7-acre site on the north side of Youngs Avenue, across from the landfill, which includes a town yard waste facility and the former animal shelter. The total cost of the project would be between $20 million and $22 million, they said. READ

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02/18/19 4:53am

Riverhead Police Officer Tim Murphy is best known for handing out more driving while intoxicated arrests than just about any police officer on the East End. 

Since joining Riverhead Police in 1999, he’s led the department in the number of DWI arrests issued in at least 16 of those years, and he even led all officers in Suffolk County in that category at least once.  READ