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10/07/19 7:00pm
10/07/2019 7:00 PM

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My name is Abbey Swiatkowski and I’m the principal at St. John Paul II Regional School in Riverhead.

St. John Paul II Regional School is a combination of the former St. Isidore’s and the former [Our Lady of] Mercy out in Cutchogue and we are a pre-k through eight STREAM-based school. READ

09/23/19 7:00pm
09/23/2019 7:00 PM

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I’m police officer Katie Johnson with the Town of Southold Police Department.

I’ve been a police officer for almost seven years total, three years here in the Town of Southold. READ

09/09/19 7:00pm
09/09/2019 7:00 PM

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My name’s Shyanna Jimenez and I am the executive director of United Medical House Calls.

Here at United Medical House Calls, we have two portions. We have a physical therapy [center] in Southold, at our main location, and we also do the house calls. Our house calls are covered up to the Queens border, so we cover all of Long Island. READ

09/03/19 6:00am
09/03/2019 6:00 AM

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I’m Jennifer Quinlan, I am the culinary arts and vocational coordinator for Little Flower Children and Family Services on the Wading River campus. 

Little Flower is a residential treatment center. We take at-risk youth in, some that cannot acclimate into regular public schools. READ