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05/18/19 6:00am
05/18/2019 6:00 AM

Plié … tendu … plié … tendu … sauté. Big finish.

Gabrielle Zeppieri repeats those instructions to her students as they rehearse for an upcoming show. Practice run after practice run, the six women and two men in her class at Peconic Ballet Theatre in Riverhead make their way across the studio floor, one after the other. They hum lightly, melodically, tapping their feet, pointing their toes as the music begins to take form and the sounds grow actionable. 

05/07/19 5:50am
05/07/2019 5:50 AM

I’m Bill Van Schaick. I’m the general manager here at Talmage Farm Agway here in Riverhead. I’ve been here since May 2000.

Prior to this, I was the store manager for Agway Incorporated at the Bridgehampton Agway, and also managed the Agway in Southold for a number of years, so I have some background and experience.