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07/29/19 7:01pm
07/29/2019 7:01 PM

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I’m Kevin Kelly. I’m on the staff of Hallock State Park Preserve here in Jamesport, NY. My role is really three parts. The first is to develop the park preserve itself. It is New York’s newest state park. The second is to promote public usage of the park and the third is to do outreach programs, which we do mostly here in the visitor’s center, but also in the preserve itself. READ

07/22/19 7:00pm
07/22/2019 7:00 PM

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Hello, my name is Deborah Zak. I am the assistant general manager at Splish Splash Water Park.

I have worked here for 27 years.

I came here when I was 16 with a friend who was driving me home from school that day. She had an interview here. READ

07/08/19 3:05pm
07/08/2019 3:05 PM

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Hi, I’m Paula Albert Franz and I’m the owner of Franz Music Studios in Wading River. We are a full-service music school, specializing in piano, voice and guitar. We also offer instrument lessons on strings, woodwind, brass and percussion, including the full drum kit, ukulele and banjo.  (more…)

07/01/19 7:00pm
07/01/2019 7:00 PM

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I’m Dan Binderman. I’m the general and artistic director of the historic Suffolk Theater here in Riverhead. I came here about five years ago to help work with this amazing building and bring some world-class art here, worthy of this space.  (more…)