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07/17/13 12:28pm
07/17/2013 12:28 PM

The State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an air quality warning for all of Long Island until 11 p.m. today.

Summer heat can lead to the formation of ground‑level ozone – a major component of smog, according to the DEC.

Ground level ozone is forecasted to hit levels that can make it more difficult to breathe, cause coughing, aggravate diseases like asthma, emphysema or bronchitis, and make the lungs more susceptible to infection.

The New York State Department of Health has warned residents – particularly children, older adults, and people who are active outdoors to limit strenuous physical activity when pollutions levels are high.

A toll‑free Air Quality Hotline has been established by DEC to keep New Yorkers informed of the latest Air Quality situation. Call 1-800-535-1345 for information.

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07/23/11 2:12pm
07/23/2011 2:12 PM

Still hot? You bet, but not as much.

Temperatures won’t make triple digits Saturday, but the state Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an air quality health advisory for Suffolk County until 11 p.m. The concern is high levels of ozone.

Sunlight and high temperatures create ozone which, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,  can cause many health problems such as chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and congestion. It can also worsen bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

The state health department recommends limiting strenuous outdoor physical activity.

Updated information is available by calling the DEC’s air quality hotline at 1-800-535-1345.