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Atlantis Holdings, which owns Long Island Aquarium and the adjacent Hyatt Place East End, is seeking a new tax break from the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency.

This time, Atlantis is requesting sales tax exemptions on a two-part project that involves general repairs to the aquarium and renovations at the hotel, as well as buying a combined heat and power unit, which serves as both a heater and an absorption chiller, depending on the season. READ

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01/04/2016 10:26 PM

Rendering of the Preston House with five story hotel, front view.

Without tax incentives from the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency, the Long lsland Aquarium in downtown Riverhead would pay close to $1 million a year in taxes and would not be able to stay open, according to Bryan DeLuca, the executive director of Atlantis Holdings, the company that owns the complex containing the aquarium, the Hyatt Place hotel, Treasure Cove Marina and Jerry and the Mermaid. READ

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(Credit: Tim Gannon)

Atlantis is looking at its options to redevelop this property. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

The company that owns the Long Island Aquarium and the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Riverhead is looking to restore a dilapidated 113-year-old building it recently purchased across the street instead of tearing it down.