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11/28/18 5:30pm

After recent incidents involving reports of weapons on school grounds, security was the hot topic at Tuesday’s Riverhead Board of Education meeting. About 60 people attended and five parents spoke publicly about their concerns.

The complaints follow incidents over the last three weeks in which a BB gun was found in a Riverhead High School student’s backpack, an airsoft gun was found in a student’s bag at the middle school and an altercation involving three students outside the high school prompted one of them to pull out a knife. READ

11/28/18 6:00am

A BB gun was found in a student’s backpack at Riverhead High School last Monday.

While there were no injuries reported, according to a statement from assistant principal Sean O’Hara, it is unclear whether the BB gun was intended to be used on school property. That evening, Mr. O’Hara notified families in the district about the “important” incident.  READ