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06/04/17 5:24am
06/04/2017 5:24 AM

Chipotle Mexican Grill has confirmed its Riverhead location was among those affected by a security breach that occurred a between March 27 and April 18.

Customers who made purchases with credit or debit cards during that period are urged to review their bank statements and immediately report any unauthorized charges to local law enforcement, according to a statement on Chipotle’s website.


04/16/15 6:40pm
04/16/2015 6:40 PM
A Chipotle restaurant is planned for the former tk. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

A Chipotle restaurant is planned for the former Riverhead Suzuki building. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

A Route 58 building is proposed to go from selling Japanese cars to Mexican food.

An existing one-story, 2,796-square foot auto showroom adjacent to Riverhead Bay Motors and just west of the Lowe’s parking lot is proposed to be converted to a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant, according to a site plan application submitted to the town this week.