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08/16/15 6:00am
08/16/2015 6:00 AM

They crammed into every square inch of the bar at Outerbanks Restaurant, singing, celebrating and cheering on a night that felt like New Year’s Eve combined with a jovial karaoke party. Some came to witness history, some to cheer a friend, others to support a cause.  READ

08/06/15 6:30am
08/06/2015 6:30 AM


Hours after his Tuesday night show in Bay Shore wrapped up, Gene Casey pulled into his driveway at his one-acre Southold property, weary from the road.

He’d driven for more than an hour after the latest performance of his ubiquitous band, Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks. Now, after a quick run to the store for a bottle of white wine, he was ready for home.


04/26/15 6:00am
04/26/2015 6:00 AM

Gertie messed up! She didn’t understand my request or got confused. Is she becoming hard of hearing? Although Gertie and I haven’t met, she tells me where to go and how to get there. (Ahem … I would like to tell her where to go at times.) She makes calls, changes radio stations and executes most tasks, within reason, of course. Gertie is at my beck and call but, alas, she doesn’t always get it right. Some of you may be wondering who Gertie is. Give up? She’s the voice in the speech-recognition system of my car.  (more…)

04/15/15 5:00pm
04/15/2015 5:00 PM
Ninow's owner Ralph Vail sits amongst boxed up music books in his Riverhead store in downtown Tuesday. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Ninow’s owner Ralph Vail sits amongst boxed up music books in his downtown Riverhead store Tuesday. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Ninow’s Music Store in Riverhead was mostly empty Tuesday.

Sheaves of sheet music once displayed throughout the West Main Street shop now lie in boxes. A few cables and other accessories still hang on the wall, but all of them will be hauled away before the end of the month.

There are not many customers or, most notably, many instruments. Over the years, owner Ralph Vail said, fewer and fewer people have walked through Ninow’s doors.  (more…)