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07/25/16 6:00am
07/25/2016 6:00 AM

LaValle Thiele

Recently released financial disclosure reports for 2015 show that both state Senator Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson) and Assemblyman Fred Thiele (I-Sag Harbor) have resigned from positions at Twomey, Latham Shea, Kelley, Dubin and Quartararo, the prominent Riverhead law firm where both previously worked.


02/06/15 12:00pm
02/06/2015 12:00 PM

state leadersAlbany is in need of serious reform. It’s been known for years, even decades, and is obvious to anyone who pays the slightest bit of attention to our state government.

There appeared to be hope with the 2010 election of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who ran on a reform agenda. But he ended up shutting down his own highly touted investigative body, the Moreland Commission, when its members began to hone in on the root of most problems in Albany: outside money earned by lawmakers, and specifically lawyers who have long claimed they couldn’t disclose details of their work — including their clients — because that would be a breach of lawyer-client privilege. (more…)

02/03/15 2:28pm
02/03/2015 2:28 PM

PeconicCountyFlag copy

It’s been called a pipe dream. A myth. Insanity. Yet it’s been talked about on the East End for over 50 years.

Peconic County.

And, it appears, after a brief glimmer of hope for a change in circumstance, the pipe dream is likely to remain just that. (more…)