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06/07/19 3:15pm
06/07/2019 3:15 PM

The Riverhead Planning Board is objecting to the Town Board’s request to take the lead in the review of a new solar farm, and also is calling for a moratorium on new solar-energy production facilities until a study can be done to determine the best location for solar farms. READ

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01/18/19 5:50am
01/18/2019 5:50 AM

Future solar energy installations in Riverhead Town will not be permitted in areas where tree clearing is needed, according to a proposal before the Town Board Tuesday. 

The measure had the support of the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, whose executive director, Richard Amper, spoke at Tuesday night’s public hearing on the proposal.  READ

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10/01/18 6:00am
10/01/2018 6:00 AM

Is Riverhead the solar capital of Long Island?

It may be, as plans for the latest solar project, Riverhead Solar 2, a proposed 36-megawatt photovoltaic solar field on 290 acres of leased private land on Edwards Avenue, progress. The developer, sPower, already operates a solar facility — Riverhead Solar 1 — adjacent to the proposed facility. READ

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08/06/16 12:00pm
08/06/2016 12:00 PM


Another solar energy project could be coming to Calverton.

sPower, the Utah-based based company that recently built a 9.2-watt solar energy project on 45 acres on the east side of Edwards Avenue, is now considering another solar project farther west in Calverton.  READ