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12/17/18 5:48am
12/17/2018 5:48 AM

Atlantis Holdings, which owns Long Island Aquarium and the adjacent Hyatt Place East End, is seeking a new tax break from the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency.

This time, Atlantis is requesting sales tax exemptions on a two-part project that involves general repairs to the aquarium and renovations at the hotel, as well as buying a combined heat and power unit, which serves as both a heater and an absorption chiller, depending on the season. READ

12/14/18 5:53am
12/14/2018 5:53 AM

Island Exterior Fabricators is seeking extensive tax incentives from the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency, as well as zoning variances from Riverhead Town, to enable it to remain and expand at the Enterprise Park at Calverton, where it manufactures prefabricated building exteriors.

The company, which has more than 300 employees, is asking the IDA for full property tax abatements for 15 years on three EPCAL properties at EPCAL where they want to expand. READ

11/14/18 4:36pm
11/14/2018 4:36 PM

Officials from Riverhead Town and the Riverhead School District urged the Suffolk County IDA not to grant an enhanced 10-year tax exemption to the owner of the Suffolk County Community College’s culinary school that would result in no property taxes being paid over a 10-year period.

The comments came at a public hearing held before the county IDA Wednesday. READ

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03/07/18 6:00am
03/07/2018 6:00 AM

The owners of the John Wesley Village III senior apartment complex saw their request for Riverhead Industrial Development Agency tax incentives shot down Monday.

It’s extremely rare for the IDA to issue a flat-out rejection of an application that’s gone before the group at a public hearing.  READ

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02/08/18 5:59am
02/08/2018 5:59 AM

The owners of the John Wesley Village III senior apartment complex are seeking Riverhead Industrial Development tax breaks to rehabilitate 92 affordable apartments that were built in 2003.

But a frequent critic of the IDA says the proposal doesn’t create any new permanent jobs, which is one of the criteria for IDA assistance, and doesn’t propose any new structures. He questioned why it’s even being considered for IDA assistance.  READ

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12/05/17 3:05pm
12/05/2017 3:05 PM

A group called Calverton Distribution Rte 25 has withdrawn its request for Riverhead Industrial Development Agenda tax incentives on a new 45,000-square-foot PODS building that was already under construction on Route 25 in Calverton, according to IDA chairman Tom Cruso. READ

04/06/15 8:02pm
04/06/2015 8:02 PM

Marriott Residence Inn RH

In a split vote Monday night, the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency voted 3-1 to give tax incentives to Browning Hotel Properties for a second hotel proposed to be built next to the existing 114-room Hilton Garden Inn on Route 58.

IDA member Dawn Thomas, a former town attorney, cast the lone “no” vote, saying she wanted more time to read information submitted by the applicant. She had asked to table the vote for a future meeting, but the other board members opposed doing so, and proceeded with the vote on the application.  (more…)