Question of the day: Biggest Riverhead story of 2010?

12/06/2010 8:05 AM |

What story do you think was the biggest of 2010 in Riverhead?

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  • I would have to say that would be the failure of Riverhead Resorts. In the end this could possibly be the best thing for the Town. Now they can look at a more viable, productive, beneficial alternative for the EPCAL property. They already have a great submital for a drag strip which is seasonal, does not add traffic, adds jobs, minmal impact to the enviroment, much needed tax revenue, gets kids of the street from racing. Just the fact that if it save one life makes it worth it. To many people are killed or maimed for life with racing on the streets.

  • The biggest story of the year in Riverhead was never reported. On Sept. 23, a giant flash in the eastern sky preceded a whirling wind and a distant crash of some sort–like a jet breaking the sound barrier–over the Peconic River, near the traffic circle. I was there with a few buddies and we stood with jaws agape as a drum-like vehicle dropped from the sky and stopped about 30 feet from the ground. The entire bottom was made of thick glass, and we could see many pairs of eyes glaring at us from seats mounted around the sides of the cylinder. If you were at McDonald’s that night, you saw it and we all stood motionless. Then, just as quickly, this vehicle lifted with a silent whoosh up into the night sky, as though sucked into a cloud, and vanished. Several of us stood around talking about it, but none of us had the guts to call the police. We’ve met a few times to talk about it. Our lives are changed forever.
    It’s either that or the opening of the Dark Horse.

  • I would have to say Horton Ave Flooding and what your government can not do for you.

  • I agree.