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09/25/19 9:53pm
09/25/2019 9:53 PM

Even now, five years later, when Riverhead coach Cheryl Walsh-Edwards looks at Katie Goodale, she still sees the face of the young blonde girl who tried out and made her field hockey team as an eighth-grader, the youngest player on the team. “I look at her now, she looks mature, but her face still looks the same,” said Walsh-Edwards.

Walsh-Edwards recalled talking to Goodale’s father back then and telling him, “She’s going to be on varsity and she’s going to play.”

Goodale hasn’t stopped playing since. The five-year varsity starter is the team’s longest-serving player. My how time flies. READ

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09/22/19 7:14am
09/22/2019 7:14 AM

Riverhead High School athletic trainer Chris Hildebrandt had one final pickup to make after Saturday’s football game. As athletic director Brian Sacks climbed into Hildebrandt’s golf cart at Coach Mike McKillop Memorial Field, Sacks joked that he had a cramp.

The wisecrack drew some chuckles and smiles, but the issue of leg cramps was no laughing matter. Least of all to the Blue Waves. READ