Yet another shopping center proposed for Wading River

12/08/2010 9:47 AM |

Another shopping center is being proposed for Wading River, according to Town Supervisor Sean Walter.

He said developer Jim Tsunis is planning to build a shopping center on land east of the Tuthill Funeral Home on Route 25A in Wading River.

The supervisor’s comments at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting came in response to requests by civic and environmental groups to curtail commercial development in Wading River, where two new shopping centers had already been proposed along Route 25A and an expansion is proposed for the Great Rock golf course catering hall.

“Referring specifically to commercial development along Route 25A in Wading River, the master plan emphasizes that as such development is realized, Route 25A will look more and more like Route 58, unless development standards and design guidelines are established to encourage a more neighborhood-sensitized look,” said Wading River Civic Association president Mike Harrigan, reading a letter from the association, the Riverhead Neighborhood Preservation Coalition, the North Fork Environmental Council and the Group for the East End.

But Mr. Walter, himself a Wading River resident, said he believes a full environmental impact study should be done on all of those projects.

“I don’t support any of these projects,” he said.

He added that he agrees with residents that there are problems with the town’s master plan, but he said it would be unfair to make changes to that document once an application is filed.

“If I wasn’t the supervisor, I’d be standing out there with you,” he said.

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  • wow what a shame,
    this business needs to stay here
    its a really great unknown place

  • Hopefully more business will come to this airport

  • Sounds overpriced .

  • Maybe the Chinese firms are planning to enhance all their aircraft engine.


  • what is overpriced? Do you really have an understanding of what is produced from this place?

  • The Wickhams are a great family. Mattituck has a storied history, excellent reputation and highly skilled employees, many of whom have been there for decades.

    Let’s hope the Chinese boost business instead of taking it away.

    Mattituck is the only public use airport on the North Fork. Hope the town isn’t wiped off the “air map” by its closure.

  • FOR SALE–MATTITUCK……………………………….i took my nephew to encounter his first airplane up close at the mattituck airbase(still is a airplane enthusiastic) and i remember sneaking down on my bike at night to use the pay telephone there to talk to a boyfriend mommy didnt approve of. its a shame that all the hard work of parker whitham(this family a forefather of the north fork) will be probably credited to the chinese. are we trying to begin rewriting the history of mattituck.

  • oh yeah!!!!! i forgot …..the hill you take to get down to the airplane is great on a bike….kids were still doing it two yrs ago when i last visited mattituck oops!!! i did it again “psuedoville” i mean…… think the chinese will let that happen anymore………NOT!!!!!!!!!!!