Riverhead Town designates site for community garden

01/20/2011 8:29 AM |

A section of town-owned land north of Grangebel Park and south of Griffing Avenue was officially designated as the site for a community garden at Wednesday night’s Riverhead Town Board meeting.

The Town Board also authorized Supervisor Sean Walter to sign a license agreement with the River and Roots Community Garden, a non-profit organization that will run the garden.

The idea behind a community garden is to allow residents to sign up for a plot in which to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants.

River and Roots is planning to have 36 garden beds, two herb decks to be shared by gardeners and a perimeter planted with berries and fruit trees, to be shared by gardeners and passersby, according to co-founder Amy Davidson.

Mr. Walter said the specific details of how the community garden will run have yet to be devised. But he said people looking to garden on one of the 36 beds should contact River and Roots, rather than the town.

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