Riverhead unveils its ‘Rules for Schools’

Members of a committee dedicated to forming a comprehensive student management system for kindergarten through sixth grade pupils in the Riverhead School District presented their plan at the school board’s monthly work session Tuesday evening. The plan, known as Rules for Schools, focuses on the belief that all students and faculty are responsible, respectful and safe at school and at home. Those tenets will most likely be displayed on poster boards in classrooms, in hallways, before assemblies, in cafeterias and on buses. The plan also includes clear rewards and consequences for behavior and unified methods to discipline students.

Debra Rodgers, principal of the Phillips Avenue School, led the presentation along with about a dozen committee members.

Ms. Rodgers said the student management plan was developed to create consistency among all the district’s elementary schools and the Pulaski Street School. “There was not a comprehensive plan in place,” she said. “What we’ve done… is gotten everyone on board with a uniform policy.”

Ms. Rodgers said the plan will soon be made available to district parents on the school district website.

More meetings

School board president Ann Cotten-DeGrasse announced the board will soon start holding regular meetings twice a month. The board currently holds a meeting and a work session once a month. Board members cannot vote on business items during work sessions.

“We transact a lot of business, and if you wait a month, it backs up the bit,” Ms. Cotten-DeGrasse said

District earns interest

The board approved a $14,529 budget transfer from the capital reserve fund to the operating budget. The money comes from interest earned on reserve funds.

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