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  • $250 x 140 dogs is $35,000. this shelter has raised 35,000 and the best way they can think to use it is to pay shelters to take pits? shameful

  • How can you not like this program?

  • I have a red nose pit, about 2 yrs old, was given to me.I already have a 6 yr.old lab mix
    also female. I love my pit she wants to play with my lab mix and my lab mix wants nothing
    to do with her. What can I do to let my lab mix know that she is only playing with her?

  • You seriously need to find a dog behaviorist. My guess is that you’re not picking up on aggression and dominance that the pit is displaying to your lab. Do not allow your pit to terrorize your lab. That is just cruel.

  • What is your better solution? What are you doing that is more than this initiative? Stop bitching about those who try unless you have something better to offer?! Even if it is all they can do it is a first step?!

  • Good luck and good idea Mark Lesko. To prevent breeding could be one solution to animal over population. No dog should walk out of an shelter without being fixed, ever. The whole situation is very sad. I have 3 rescues, mutts, it is one too many! It took a year to create harmony, and even with my efforts the dogs should be seperated when we can not watch them, pits are especially this way….as nice as they are, I love them and owned one, once, they are not always OK with other animals….my mutts are not OK with each other 24 hours a day, they need Time Out here and there!
    Dog socialization is hard work and takes a lot of time.
    Even animal lovers have trouble with the committment.
    There is no money in the budget for extra, but training lessons and socialization and assement managemnet should be included into shelter programs, people need this, the dogs need this, it would create jobs.

  • Only proper punishment for Mike Loriz inexcusable behavior is to obviously string him up from the highest tree limb…..oh yeah he cut the fing tree down…never mind!!!!!!

  • I happened to push the wrong button on the times website and wound up on Shelter Island by mistake. I’m shocked, Where do people who put it all on the line for there country, get the notion that they can just murder dead trees on there own land, I guess they haven’t read the do-gooders new rules of engagement. People we have troops in harms way, let’s worry about that.

  • Your right…because there are not bigger issues in this town like un-supervised departments, adults allowing teens to drink, drugs, a school with multiple issues directly impacting the proper education of our children, most of the should be influential members of our community in each others pockets, the TB, police and justice system turning their cheeks to proper accontability and responsibility from things that might make themselves look bad…Please…a few trees….give me a break…It looks better already AND you never know what is going to happen next.

  • Finally, someone who gets it! Trees and 3rd story renovations are the least of this island’s worries.