Want to own a taxi biz in Riverhead? That will be $500

The fee to own a taxi business in Riverhead Town is now $500.

That and other taxi fees were approved by the Riverhead Town Board Tuesday to go along with the taxi cab licensing law the board approved in May.

Those regulations require taxis operating in the town to be licensed by the town and require taxi drivers working in the town to undergo physicals and drug tests. The board approved the establishment of fees back in May, but did not set the actual fees until Tuesday.

The fee for an owner’s license is now $500, the fee for a vehicle permit is $100 per vehicle, and the fee for an operator’s permit is $100.

In addition, the fee for an appeal of a disapproval, suspension hearing or revocation hearing is $100, and the fee for a late fee is $25.

Renewal fees are as follows: for an owner’s license it would be $250; a vehicle permit would be $100; and an operator’s permit would be $100.

Councilman John Dunleavy had advocated the new taxi regulations for years, saying the goal of the law is to ensure public safety.

There was little comment made on the proposal at a public hearing earlier this year.

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