Skydiver tells his story from Tuesday’s storm in today’s News-Review

Jamesport resident Tom Gabrielsen was skydiving for the first time when he got caught along with several fellow skydivers in a squall above Calverton Tuesday.

He shared his account of the “miracle” with the News-Review in a front-page, first-person exclusive Thursday.

Here’s an excerpt from his story, on newsstands now:

“My instructor informed me that we were in trouble. We were far off course and heading east fast. He said he had no control. As we approached the ground I looked down and saw water. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to land in there. After that was a small field. At the edge of the field were electric lines. We had to land in between the two. The wind spun the parachute in a circle so fast it felt like we were in a mini-tornado. We were at the mercy of nature’s fury.

“Then something miraculous happened.”