Featured Letter: Reader comes to defense of Aquebogue puppy store

Main Road, Aquebogue, puppy store
JENNIFER GUSTAVSON FILE PHOTO | Animal Rights Activists protesting outside Puppy Experience on Main Road in Aquebogue in August.

To the Editor:

I usually read the letter section in the News Review. I was surprised to see a short letter that seemed to indicate a small business on Main Road in Aquebogue to be sub-standard.

My previous dealings with the Puppy Experience seems to be quite the opposite. I hadn’t been in the store for years, so I decided to conduct a surprise inspection. The store was immaculate. The dogs appeared to be content as well as properly fed. Their cages were clean and neat. As an animal lover myself, I was pleased with my findings. I don’t know if any of those dogs were from a puppy mill as they all were in a good state of being.

My last experience with the Puppy Experience was about two years ago when I assisted traffic on Main Road for an automobile accident.

A lady who was involved in the accident had a toy poodle in the car with her. She was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for minor injuries. The owner of the Puppy Experience took care of her dog until she left the hospital at no charge.

The entire staff is very friendly and courteous. Sometimes I wish everyone was like this.

Frederick Rodgers, Aquebogue

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