North Fork house in search of a main floor after Sandy

New Suffolk house doesn't have a first floor after Sandy
BETH YOUNG PHOTO | Until its fate is decided by Southold Town, what’s left of this New Suffolk house will stand high and dry on wooden cribbing.

The top part of a house on Kimogenor Point in New Suffolk now standing on cribbing is all that’s left of the structure damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

There’s no word yet from the town building department on whether enough of the house remains to allow homeowners to rebuild.

The Kimogenor Point Company, which has owned the private peninsula and the houses on it since 1915, earlier in 2012 planned to raze the structure and rebuild. But its request for a variance, filed long before the storm hit, was denied at that time by the Southold Zoning Board of Appeals.

The town eventually granted permission to expand and renovate the existing house, but the project was delayed again after the homeowners learned they would need to move it from its existing foundation and place it on pilings to meet new FEMA regulations, ZBA chairwoman Leslie Weisman said this week.

Ms. Weisman said once work began to put the house on cribbing, the walls apparently fell off.

The project is currently awaiting review by the town building inspector. The town code says if it’s determined that less than 25 percent of the structure remains, it cannot be rebuilt because the original structure was non-conforming.

Chief building inspector Mike Verity could not be reached for comment.

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