Recap: Board talks audit, plan pitched for pump house rebuild

Grangebel pump house
BETH YOUNG FILE PHOTO | The pump house at Grangebel Park the morning of Hurricane Sandy.

Riverhead Town’s building department lost the file for Atlantis Marine World and calculated several building fees incorrectly, in part because of a fee-calculating chart that had mathematical errors itself.

Those were some of the findings of a building department audit conducted by the town’s independent audit committee.

The committee discussed the audit at Thursday’s public Town Board work session.

Also at the work session, board members heard a presentation from Dark Horse Restaurant owner Dee Muma to allow her to secure and restore the 105-year-old pumphouse in Grangebel Park, using her own money.

The Town Board also decided to issue a request for proposals to install security cameras in downtown parking lots, so they can get some idea of the cost.

Board members also agreed they would not authorize the building of a new parking lot on the wooded area next to the town police station, something that was suggested last month by Town Justice Allen Smith.

News-Review reporter Tim Gannon reported live from the meeting.

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June 6, 2013 TB Work Session – Agenda by rnews_review