Voters approve library budgets for Riverhead, Baiting Hollow

Voters approved both the Riverhead Free Library and the Baiting Hollow Free Library budgets Tuesday.

Both technically are votes on approving a contract for library services with the Riverhead Central School District, and both votes were held at the Riverhead Free Library and were open to all Riverhead school district voters.

On the Riverhead Free Library budget, the vote was 170 yes and 86 no. The budget called for a districtwide three percent tax levy increase from $3.35 million to $3.45 million.

For the Baiting Hollow Free Library, the tax levy increased from $11,900 to $12,125 and was approved by a 156 to 99 vote count.

Library officials say the vote will cost the average tax payer less than $2.94 more per year.

Tax rate changes will not be available until later in the year.

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