Rental fee increase gets mixed response

The crowd at Tuesday's night Town Board meeting. (Credit: Tim Gannon)
The crowd at Tuesday’s night Town Board meeting. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

A proposal to increase fees for rental permits, in some cases by more than 70 percent, and to change the definition of a rental dwelling received a mixed response at a Riverhead Town Board public hearing Tuesday.

The proposed definition of a dwelling unit eliminates hotels as needing rental permits but would now include mobile home parks.

The proposed fee, which is paid every two years, would increase from $150 to $250 for a one-unit home, from $200 to $350 for a two-unit home, from $250 to $450 for three units, from $325 to $550 for four units and from $500 to $750 for five units, plus $50 for each unit in excess of five.

Garrett Moore, who rents cottages in Jamesport, called the proposal a “pretty steep increase.” He suggested that the fee increase be reduced for renters who follow town regulations.

Councilwoman Jodi Giglio said the town is considering revising the permit applications to include the renters’ name and license plate number so it will be easier to determine if the person in a rental unit belongs there.

Doug Rosenbrock, a mobile home resident, said he supported the proposed change because of the requirement that rental units be inspected.

“We definitely need this type of protection, so I applaud the town for bringing manufactured housing more in line with the rest of the code.”

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