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Wading River News: Poetry/prose reading event May 31

Shoreham resident Marcia Slatkin invites all to a poetry/prose reading, which she will share with Celine Keating, a novelist who’s about to publish her second book. The event will be held Sunday, May 31, at 5 p.m. at the Tivoli Artists Gallery, 60 Broadway, in New York City. Marcia will read from her two books, “A Woman Milking,” Barnyard poems; and “Not Yet: A Care-Giving Collage.” She’ll also read some poems about climate change and a story from “Moving Stills: A Memoir in Stories,” not yet published. Marcia has composed an enormous body of work, which has been exhibited in many galleries. Signed books/prints will be for sale. Brownies are free! There will also be an open mic following the featured readings. To contact Marcia, call 917-597-4253.

We’ve all learned the adage “When it’s time, it’s time.” I eased back into my job last week as a First Student bus driver. Thank you, everyone, at the Shoreham yard who welcomed me back after my six-week hiatus. It’s nice to return to “working woman” status (not to mention drawing a paycheck) and it was pleasant to hear your kind words. As our favorite Arnold would say, “It’s good to be back, baby.”

As a mother responding to that special day in May, Mother’s Day, I’d like to say thank you for all the cards, certificates, gifts and good deeds. I love Mother’s Day. It’s the only 24-hour period when women can do no wrong. This day makes us feel like all is right with the world. Thank you to all of our SWR family members who remembered Mom with their gestures of love.

Do you remember when your son or daughter received their first haircut? This was a big moment in the young life of the great grandson of Wading River resident Mike Wiwczar and grandson of Donald Wiwczar, who grew up in Wading River. It went that way, I’m sure, because Great-Grandpa Mike, who is a pro with the scissors, did the job. There were no tears, no fears and this magic moment was definitely “no problem.” Every youngster’s haircut should be like Elliott Spechter’s first. Congratulations, Elliott, his dad, Randy, and his mom, Jessica Wiwczar Spechter.

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Have a great two weeks, everyone.

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