Shoreham-Wading River School District

Wading River Elementary’s sign is about to go digital

(Credit: Nicole Smith)
A LED sign is expected to replace this sign at Wading River Elementary School. (Credit: Nicole Smith)

Thanks to a donation from the Wading River Parent Teacher Association, the outside of the Wading River Elementary School will soon be getting a modern addition.

A $15,000 digital LED sign is set to replace the blue plastic sign currently in front of the school.

“I want to give a special thanks to the PTA for doing this. It’s a very generous donation,” said principal Louis Parrinello. “The parents really want this, obviously, and the community really wants this because they’re the ones directly contributing toward it.”

The sign will be paid for with proceeds from the PTA-sponsored fundraiser Parents Night Out held two years ago.

The PTA voted to donate the money after members noticed the elementary school was the only school in the district without an informational sign, said PTA board member Marie Carros.

“It’s important because it’s a way of notifying the community and school parents of any kind of information and events happening at the school, like book fairs and concerts,” Ms. Carros said.

Mr. Parrinello agreed.

“I think we communicate with parents in many different ways — emails, letters home — but often times, the community doesn’t get to see many of the things that happen in school each and every day,” Mr. Parrinello said.

The sign will be double-sided so it will be visible to people headed in both directions on Wading River Manor Road.

Mr. Parrinello said that he also wants to make the new addition an interactive experience for the students.

“Students are going to work with me to help put up what we’re going to display,” he said.

Helping with the sign will be part of the responsibilities of the “welcome ambassadors,” a rotating group of students who are chosen to say the Pledge of Allegiance and greet students each morning.

Alley Cat Signs, Inc. in Middle Island will be creating the sign; there is currently no date set for its installation.

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