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National Weather Service issues coastal flood advisory

Riverhead, Southampton, Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm

A coastal flood advisory has been issued through 6 a.m. tomorrow by the National Weather Service, with a coastal flood watch in effect until tomorrow afternoon, according to a Riverhead Police Department news release.

The NWS said a cold front is set to bring heavy rain Friday night and winds up to 40-45 mph throughout Saturday.

This cold front, along with the approach of Hurricane Joaquin, will produce coastal flooding throughout Sunday. The NWS advises people living in low lying areas to “pay close attention to the tide cycle,” which could run two to three feet above normal.

Additionally, the NWS has advised residents to beware of Hurricane Joaquin, which is expected to make it’s way from the eastern tip of Florida to the southern end of Long Island early next week. The hurricane — which is currently a Category 3 storm — is expected to rise to a category four and then weaken as it approaches the island, potentially being categorized as a tropical storm by then, according to the news release.

With the storm approaching, the Riverhead Police Department says to remember the “three P’s in preparedness: plan, pack and pay attention.” The department suggest that should anyone need to evacuate, they should seek shelter with family and friends before looking to a school or other municipal facility.

For more information call the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Hotline at 727-3200 ext. SOS (767). In case of an emergency Riverhead police can be reached at 911 or 727-4500.