Election 2015

Town Assessor 2015 Endorsement: Mason Haas and Paul Leszcynski

Mason Haas, left, and Paul Leszczynski.
Mason Haas, left, and Paul Leszczynski.

Paul Leszczynski and Mason Haas have served as assessors since 1997 and 2007, respectively. Between them, they also have 44 years of experience owning title research companies before taking office and have served admirably during their tenures. They both deserve your vote for office again.

In a position that is administrative by nature, the two have the background knowledge, track record and — in an office that needs them — the interpersonal skills to continue serving.

Meanwhile, the challenger for the position, Greg Fischer, has his focus in the wrong places. He would prefer to use the assessor’s office to improve quality of life issues, reduce taxes and open up government to residents. These are noble goals, no doubt, but he is mistaken if he thinks he will accomplish much progress on them in such a ministerial role. In addition, his perennial runs for office make him difficult to take seriously as a candidate.

Improving the efficiency of the office is something the incumbents are interested in working toward and qualified to do. We see no reason not to allow them to continue serving as assessors.