Walter retains supervisor’s seat; Hubbard, Wooten win board spots


Incumbent Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter finished first in a three-way horse race, finishing Election Night with an unofficial 436-vote lead over Republican challenger Jodi Giglio.

Democrat Anthony Coates trailed in a distant third in the three-way race, which saw Mr. Walter run on the Conservative Party line after he was beat by the councilwoman in a September primary for the Republican line.

“This has been a tough race,” the supervisor said from downtown restaurant Mazi. Thanking God first, he said, “He put me through the pacer on this one and I’m not gonna tell you I wasn’t curled up on the couch after that primary.”Jodi

Preliminary results put Mr. Walter up with 2,874 votes, Ms. Giglio in second place with 2,438 and Mr. Coates in third with 1,720 votes.

Though Ms. Giglio told the Republican Committee that she initially wanted “the ballots to be counted to see what the end count is,” she later conceded on television. It remains unclear how many absentees were sent out.

“I’m looking forward to serving the taxpayers as a town councilwoman for the next two years,” she told News12.

Republicans swept the race for Town Board, as incumbent Jim Wooten finished behind Tim Hubbard, making his first run for the seat. Mr. Hubbard led the four-person pack with 4,198 votes and Mr. Wooten followed with 3,124. Democrats Laura Jens-Smith and Neil Krupnick took home 2,575 and 2,250 votes, respectively.

“I’m elated,” Mr. Hubbard said. “I’m overwhelmed. I’m really proud of the voters of Riverhead looking for a fresh face. They are going to get one and I’m going to work myself to the bone to make Riverhead a better place.”

Mr. Wooten was overlooked by his own party this spring when they nominated retired police Lt. Robert Peeker — who was still technically on the ballot as a Conservative (receiving 1,126 votes).

“I’m glad people realized that my heart is in the right place,” Mr. Wooten said. “I want to do the right thing for the people and the right thing for the community. Obviously, that message got out there. It wasn’t about whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or a blank. It’s about integrity.”

In a race to fill a vacant Town Justice seat left open by the retiring Richard Ehlers, Lori Hulse easily defeated Jeanmarie Costello. Ms. Hulse will become the town’s second female town justice, elected long after Syrena Stackpole took office in 1932.

“Jeanmarie Costello ran an outstanding campaign and I want to acknowledge that,” she said. “What I’m really looking forward to is joining Judge Smith and lobbying the Town Board to address the facilities.”

The race results were as follows:


• Sean Walter: 2,874

• Jodi Giglio: 2,438

• Anthony Coates: 1,720

Town Board:

• Tim Hubbard: 4,198

• Jim Wooten: 3,124

• Laura Jens-Smith: 2,575

• Neil Krupnick: 2,250

• Robert Peeker: 1,126

Town Justice:

• Lori Hulse: 4,216

• Jeanmarie Costello: 2,421


• Mason Haas: 4,749

• Paul Leszczynski: 4,654

• Greg Fischer: 2,329

Town Clerk:

• Diane Wilhelm: 4,782

Receiver of Taxes:

• Laurie Zaneski: 5,761

Live Blog Election 2015: Riverhead Town
Caption: Supervisor Sean Walter (left) at Mazi.