Planned Parenthood in Riverhead holds ribbon-cutting ceremony

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Riverhead Health Center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday morning to celebrate the opening of its new location on East Main Street.

PPHP opened two months ago, just down the road from its former location. The building it previously occupied changed hands in 2015, and the new owner said PPHP’s lease would not be renewed when it expired in September 2016. But they were determined to stay in Riverhead.

“It was very important to the board that we maintain a presence to this part of the county,” PPHP chair Joan Rosen said. “We know there’s a lot of support for us here and we are dedicated to providing the services, to providing education, out here.”

PPHP CEO Vincent Russell added, “It gives me great pleasure to be here today, behind a ribbon, opening a brand new, modern patient health center when we know in other states we’re seeing Planned Parenthood health centers closing.”

The facility will also be using a new online portal, allowing patients to make appointments and review test results online and through an app.

“We’re fortunate enough to have a board that has been supportive, as well as a community,” Mr. Russell said. “Their philanthropy has given us the opportunity to move from one location that was really substandard to a new location, which will really serve the needs of the community.”

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Photo: Joan Rosen cuts the ribbon at the new Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Health Center in Riverhead Friday morning. (Credit: Rachel Siford)