Photos: Easter egg hunt at Tyre Lodge in Flanders

The Tyre Chapter #62 Order of Eastern Star hosted its fifth annual easter egg hunt at its lodge in Flanders Saturday morning. Children dashed around searching for colorful eggs filled with candy, but they had their eyes peeled especially the golden eggs, which each held a cash prize.

Colorful eggs dotted the Tyre Chapter #62 Order of Eastern Star lodge’s lawn before children quickly scooped them into their baskets. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Children darted in every direction the moment the egg hunt kicked off. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Liam Gill, 2, of Riverhead finds his first egg of the morning. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Where’s the golden egg? (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Mecca Dozier, 8, of Calverton found a golden egg. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
DJ McCoy, 4, of Riverhead on the hunt. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Andrew and Briana Arredondo, ages 9 and 7, count their eggs. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
Some participants found well over 40 eggs. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)
The sunny Saturday brought out a large crowd to the Tyre Lodge. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)

Top photo caption: Audreyona McKay-Love, 6, of Riverhead hits the jackpot and found a handful of eggs hidden in a car tire. (Credit: Kelly Zegers)